About is designed to be an intuitive, web-based RSS feed for Reno events. RSS is incredibly valuable way to track updates, and helps combat bad-faith web tactics.

If you encounter any bugs or have a specific feature request, send a description to


Can I add a venue to this site?

Yes! As long as your venue has a website that is current with events. Send your venue's website to

Can I add an event to this site?

We aren't able to add one-off events, sorry. Events are tracked against venues with websites, so in order for an event to be added, it needs to be in a list of events on a website.

For example, "A game of tag - at the Mira Loma Park" isn't able to be added unless Mira Loma Park has a website and the game of tag is in the list of events.

This looks like that one site posted a few years ago.

Yeah, was untenable and took far too much energy to maintain. Plus, the pandemic would have killed it anyway. is a compromise in energy so that the system stays fully automated and hands-off.